How Financial Services Firms Can Benefit From Streaming Analytics

With expanded customer interaction channels, both the opportunities to generate more revenue and the avenues for fraud have multiplied exponentially. There is no shortage of information about customer interactions.

The challenge that most financial institutions face is to quickly ingest, correlate, analyze and act on the insights uncovered from massive volumes of rich and disparate data streaming in from a multitude of sources so that they can engage their customers more effectively, identify new business opportunities and proactively prevent fraud.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing approaches that rely on persisting data and bulk analysis introduces far too much latency to be able to deliver insights in a timely manner.

This whitepaper details how Vitria OI can help financial institutions analyze and act on insights derived from live, streaming data – in seconds and minutes.  

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  1. Real-time fraud detection and prevention
  2. Real-time one-to-one marketing
  3. Real-time customer experience management
  4. Real-time trade reconciliation
  5. Complementing Hadoop and Other Batch-Oriented Big Data Analytics

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