Download Free Whitepaper: Real-Time Information Security - Behavioral-based Pattern Detection for Continuous Protection

When it comes to reducing protecting your network, seconds count.

Intruders are developing new attack patterns faster than traditional security solutions can detect them. Beyond phishing attacks and identity theft, information security solutions struggle to manage the flood of real-time data from routers, firewalls, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS).

Information security solutions must evolve to detect changes in expected user behavior. Behavior-based detection looks beyond “who” the user is to also identify “what” that user is doing and “when” and in which context.

Download this free whitepaper and discover how Operational Intelligence can complement your existing information security deployment enabling you to:

  1. Continuously monitor multiple real-time data feeds.
  2. Analyze complex events to gain insight into the data.
  3. Graphically represent the results of that analysis as an easy to understand dashboard.
  4. Act on that insight using predefined queries and rules on the fly.