Download Free Whitepaper: Bridging the Customer Experience Gap Using Operational Intelligence

An Overview for Communications Service Providers

Product complexity is being driven by the boom in smart devices, which has created both opportunities and threats. On the one hand, smart device users tend to generate higher revenue for CSPs; on the other hand, those same smart device users tend to have high expectations of service levels, are vocal about negative experiences on social networks, and are more likely to churn.

CSPs are increasingly realizing that the only way to differentiate from their competitors, given these pressures, is to provide the best possible customer experience. In this way, they can maintain customer loyalty, drive profits and build their brands.


Operational Intelligence is a new approach to solving these challenges that gives CSPs the ability to provide improved customer experience by delivering three key capabilities:

  • Visibility into real-time customer experience by combining network performance with customer information.
  • Insight into actual and expected performance and key metrics using real-time analytics.
  • Action in the form of automated responses to error conditions to resolve problems before they become visible to the customer.

Find out in this free 10-page whitepaper how to use Operational Intelligence to gain visibility on your complete end-to-end customer view, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Provisioning
  • Network Operations
  • Customer Care
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Customer Retention

Move beyond the limitations of traditional service assurance and learn how to use Operational Intelligence to transform your business into a customer-centric organization.