Download Free Whitepaper: Formalizing Operational Governance - Ensuring the Well-Managed Enterprise

Ensure Compliance in Your Business

Vitria introduces a new class of governance capability that will let you dynamically manage all governance efforts in a formal and efficient way -- delivering significant ROI to your business.

Find out in this free 12-page whitepaper how you can empower your business to:

  • Lower operating expenses
  • Improve efficiency
  • Move from ad-hoc to a formalized governance plan

Discover 5 crucial components in making your operational governance plan a success:

  • Effectively formalize operational governance in your organization
  • Define policies as business processes
  • Establish collaborative policy development
  • Detect failures in policies in real-time and execute remedial actions with Business Event Management
  • Gain visibility and insight into your operational governance policies to identify process bottlenecks for optimization and ensure compliance

Looking to create or optimize your operational governance plans? Download this FREE 12-page whitepaper and learn crucial components to implementing an operational governance solution.