Download Free Whitepaper: Expanding Operational Capacity in Financial Services While Reducing Cost and Risk

Save Millions by Avoiding Workarounds

Middle-and back-office managers in Custodian Banks and Investment Management houses are facing new challenges from geographically dispersed workforces to increasing demands from external and internal customers to changing regulatory requirements.  Couple the effort required to tackle one or more of those challenges with the need to reduce costs and limit labor-intensive manual workarounds and the scope explodes.

For effective oversight, management must be able to see what is happening in the business as it happens.  Unfortunately, traditional approaches provide limited insight and thus diminishing rates of return. However, Business Activity Monitoring creates a dashboard-based environment providing managers with Operational Intelligence capabilities in order to create capacity, reduce risk, and improve service levels. 

Find out in this free 12-page whitepaper how you can empower your business with:

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Continuous real-time and historical analytics for all processes
  • User-defined automated warnings and alerts
  • Capacity to handle increased volumes
  • Satisfy regulators with well-defined processes and procedures

Download this FREE 12-page whitepaper and read how Vitria and Nexperient have joined together to develop a solution that can save tens of millions of dollars by identifying process exceptions before they impact your business and streamlining the response to avoid costly workarounds.