Improving Operational Intelligence with Software That Navigates Information

IDC highlights Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence suite as a key in enabling real-time business decision making.

IDC, a global independent research firm explores the trends in business navigation technologies and Vitria's role in this emerging market in this new Vendor Spotlight.

Operational Intelligence is the emerging form of real-time business analytics, delivering visibility and insight into business operations so that companies can immediately react to key business events with profit optimized decisions.

Download this comprehensive IDC Vendor Spotlight and learn how:

  • Operational Intelligence can navigate business systems and help prevent problems before they occur, improving customer loyalty and revenue.
  • IDC highlights best of breed business navigation systems.
  • Real-time event-driven technology can help companies make faster, better decisions.
  • Texas' leading retail power provider, with over 2 million customers, uses Operational Intelligence to better navigate their enrollment processes.

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