Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly striving to deliver the best possible customer service to increase loyalty, reduce customer churn, and generate more revenue. Many CSPs are shifting their goals from traditional service assurance initiatives to improving their customers’experience. CSPs have good low-level visibility into their networks, primarily through the deployment of probe-based technologies as well as their mediation, rating, and charging platforms. However, customer-related information has remained fragmented across these platforms, making it difficult for CSPs to quickly extract intelligence that could positively impact a customer’s real-time experience on the network. How can CSPs analyze and act on this information in seconds to improve the customer experience and in turn, contribute to the bottom line?

Read this whitepaper to learn 6 ways by which CSPs can improve their customers’ experience and generate incremental revenue through streaming analytics, including:

  1. Real-time Situational Awareness
  2. Real-time Customer Experience Monitoring
  3. Real-time 1-to-1 Marketing
  4. Real-time Fraud Detection & Prevention
  5. Real-time Billing Analytics
  6. M2M Monetization

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