In a recent survey conducted at two leading Big Data Analytics conferences, attendees weighed in on various topics related to their Big Data Analytics initiatives, including:

  1. What does Big Data Analytics mean to you? Which capabilities are the most important?
  2. How "real-time" does Big Data Analytics have to be?
  3. How important is it to be able to analyze and act on both streaming and stored Big Data?
  4. What benefits do you hope to achieve from these initiatives?
  5. How ready is your organization for these initiatives?
  6. Who is driving these Big Data Analytics initiatives within your organization?

As the speed of business accelerates, organizations must be able to transform a deluge of Big Data into instantaneous intelligence that can enable faster, better business decisions. The survey results revealed that organizations are increasingly recognizing that they must be able to analyze diverse sources of data - both historical and streaming - to take immediate action.

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